T4ST - Equipment

Equipment & Software

We supply a range of telematics devices at competitive rates complete with English documentation.  We also provide both third party and proprietary software with the ability to add custom functionality where required.

We are sole UK representatives of Cantamen GmbH offering complete IT solutions for fleet management and car sharing.  This includes their EBus web-based solution.

EBuS - Electronic Booking System

EBuS offers high speed access to your fleet of vehicles via the internet, your mobile phone and with certain in car hardware, from the car itself.  It gives you direct control to all processes associated with fleet management, vehicle scheduling and statistical analysis and can be configured to interface with other systems to assist with data analysis.

Drivers are able to book vehicles quickly and easily via the web or their mobile phone. They can select a range of options to filter their choice to fit their requirements.  The back office can control what the driver has access to, for how long and has the ability to over ride or edit the choice once made.

Once the driver has chosen the vehicle criteria, EBuS finds the optimum vehicle and manages the booking to optimise the fleet availability.  The reservation is confirmed on the screen, by e-mail and/or by SMS.  If the optimum car is not available, the software proposes alternatives based on location, car type, time required etc.  A mapping process dictates which vehicles are offered.  Those closest to the driverís location are offered for reservation first.  A quick glance at the map displayed on screen makes it easy for drivers to find the required vehicle.

EBuS features an integrated Task Manager which facilitates management of the fleet on a day-to-day basis.  If a driver is delayed, if a car breaks down or if a complaint is submitted this can all be recorded, processed and linked to car, driver, location etc in the Task Manager.  EBuScan then be used to send alerts to the member of staff responsible with relevant data.  This is a powerful tool for keeping your fleet on the road.

With EBuS installed in your shared vehicles you can be sure they will be fully and efficiently utilized which keeps the cost per mile low and ensures you get the full return from your investment.


We also support the CocoSoft solution from Invers as well as their electronic key holder strong boxes.  CocoSoft.net software models all core processes of carsharing operations.  Invers has 15 years of experience in the carsharing industry and is continuously developing and upgrading the CocoSoft platform.  Automatic and structured workflows as well as self-service options make CocoSoft an efficient and cost-effective solution for carsharing operations.  The flexible and open architecture of CocoSoft allows you to quickly realize innovative business concepts.